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As reports emerged of more than six million people receiving antidepressants in the three months to September last year it struck me that a potential post-pandemic time bomb had started to tick. These are exceptional times but most people who find themselves taking antidepressants will do so in exceptional circumstances and I was no different. In 2017 after a short illness I developed post-viral symptoms that were eventually diagnosed as CFS/Fibromyalgia. …

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The BBC’s recent documentary Our Silent Emergency rightly drew plaudits for its openness about male mental health, with some of the biggest praise reserved for the moment presenter Roman Kemp was shown taking Sertraline (also know by its brand name, Zoloft). Filmed as part of his daily routine, he explained how he’d been on the SSRI antidepressant for 12 years to help combat his depression. Just a few weeks prior, Olly Alexander — singer and star of breakout TV hit “It’s A Sin” — spoke to The Guardian about the same drug, enthusing “I was worried about long-term use and…

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